Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are a soft furnishing. Roman blinds can be used to make more of a statement than a roller blind creating a softer look or drama depending on fabric and design. Do not expect a smooth finish , they will sit out when drawn up, and the sides are not going to hang as straight as a roller blind. The hang is completely different. . These blinds are best mounted onto the architrave (i.e. not inside the reveal) for these reasons.

We offer an extensive range of fabrics: Our workrooms will work with your fabric if you do not choose on of our blind specific fabrics. Note: Blind specific fabrics are up to an average of 2.40 metres wide, whereas draper fabrics are 1.4 on average, and therefore often require vertical joins.
Warwick Fabrics have a showroom open to the public. Choice Blinds & Shuttes can purchase the fabric on your behalf and supply you at a very competitive rate.

We can manufacture them in various styles, and designed for your budget.

Front Pelmet over front control –  Pelmet and blind all in one item (can be made with contrasting  pelmet).  As our workroom specializes in Roman Blinds, we can create whatever ideas you have.

Roman blinds are most often cord operated. Our cord locks will allow you to stop the blind accurately without having to tie off the cord. All the cords are to current child safety standards.
Chain operation and motorisation are also options.

The classic roman is all stitched  –  with side hems stitched and horizontal stitching which creates folds ( every 250mm or to suit the customer).  The stitching conceals a timber batten that gives the definition.  A lining is sewn to the drapery fabric to protect it from the sun and the workings of the blind can be sewn into this.  Blind specific fabrics have their own backing ready for use

Ezy roman – A contemporary look : an aluminium extrusion to which the cords attach creates the pockets in stead of stitching.  These blinds do not have side stitching either , they are just cut.  This method makes very thick fabrics more streamlined and creates sharper horizontal lines, eliminating any puckering that other styles may have.

Batten Style romans (aka Jamaican roman and Oasis Roman blind) The simple detail of the coloured batten can create  another design element;  example black battens on a a white fabric.  The black may compliment a piece of black furniture nearby.  The Oasis style roman blinds from the Roman Empire range are hand stained or painted and lacquered available in many colours.  The Roman Empire describe the “enhanced horizontal lines of their natural lacquered timber as having a warmth and sophistication. We are honoured to have the Roman Empire as a manufacturing partner as their experience in Roman Blinds in particular is second to none.

The front pelmet style changes the function of the blind as the cord is located at the front of the blind, but behind the pelmet.  With this style you do not need to reach behind the blind for the cord, The blind can also then hang closer to the wall or architrave. Closing the light gap at the sides and better insulating.  A contrasting fabric can be used for the pelmet if you desire.