Blinds for Doorways

Blinds for Doorways

Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and Vertical blinds have been an obvious choice for many years for doors.  The panel glide is another option however, not versatile and cellular blinds another option.  Plantation shutters can be configured for most door openings.

Roller blinds are efficient for doorways. Where several doors require individual roller blinds, to avoid having chains hanging, a link bracket is used so that a single chain can operate 2 blinds. This also reduces the gap between blinds. Alternatively 1 or more blinds can be motorised.  Blinds on door openings can be large and heavy.

We recognise when blinds require spring assist or heavy duty components and will recommend what is required, rather than try and sell you an inadequate product for your job just to keep the job as cheap as possible. The Toso is relatively new to the Australian market; a Japanese system ideal for the discerning customer in need of the smoothest operating blind.

Roman Blinds have a sophisticated appearance and come in various styles. A versatile combination is a blackout roman blind with a sunscreen underneath. The sunscreen blind creates daytime privacy and softens the view and of an evening the sophisticated roman is lowered for total privacy and will block out the morning sun.  This pic is courtesy of The Roman Empire, one of our manufacturing partners.

When Venetians are used for doors the cords get in the way and the careless use causing the cords to wear quickly from pulling through the lift mechanism.  Timber Venetians create a stack of blades which often are heavy and not practical for frequent use in an area where they need to be pulled up frequently.