Basswood and Red Cedar

Basswood and Red Cedar

BASSWOOD and WESTERN RED CEDAR materials for blinds and shutters


Basswood is the predominant timber for timber window furnishings in Australia and when seasoned to suit our environment  should not warp in shutters or blinds.

Basswood is from the Linden family of trees, which includes limes & lemons. Basswood is fast growing primarily forested in Europe. Unlike logging 200 year old cedar trees the cutting of these trees is ecologically sustainable. Basswood has been used for shoe lasts, piano keys and sculpting for several hundred years as it is stable and keeps its shape. It is denser than western red cedar and therefore heavier. Basswood blinds are restricted to a width of 2400 wide because of the weight. The blades are imported in to Australia at 2400 in length.

Western Red Cedar is a light weight luxurious timber and still available as oiled, lacquered and painted  Western Red Cedar blinds come in 45 mm and 60mm wide blades and thickness of 3.2mm and 4.2mm. Approx. maximum size for a warranty is 4 square metres. Basswood is 50mm wide and 3.2 mm thick.

Homeowners with quality natural finish western red cedar venetians often admire them for years, choosing to restring them after 20 years or so rather than replace them. WRC has a place in many “natural” environment homes.