Cellular Blinds & Pleated Blinds : Verosol

Cellular Blinds & Pleated Blinds :  Verosol

We are proud to be a supplier of Verosol blinds.  The pleated blind range is functional often where other products are not suitable, and includes many speciality blinds :  the night and day / twin pleat and specialty shaped blinds.  The skylight pleated blind is available in heat reflective fabrics.

Cellular Blinds aka honeycomb blinds come in translucent, aluminised and blackout options.

Cellular Blinds have the highest energy efficiency rating for blinds and are perfect for large windows. Available in top down bottom up which allows the blind to be lowered from the top to allow light in whilst providing privacy at the bottom of your window.

Another version is the night & day which is a combination of 2 blinds of different density fabrics which are joined so that either can be expanded to cover the window – either light filtering or blackout.

When cellular or pleated blinds are retracted they take up minimal headroom, providing an open sleek appearance. Also available cordless whereby they are operated by pulling on the bottom of the blind.