Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

In the long term plantation shutters are an economical solution :  You can expect many years from our shutters ; expertly installed, quality shutters.

As featured here, white plantation shutters are very popular. Shutters are available in many different whites. neutral colours through to black.

If you choose one of our shutters you will get a product from a major factory.  If shutters are not practical for your home we will discuss all alternatives, we won’t try and sell you a shutter.  We are a window furnishings company building our reputation for honest advice… not our advertising budget.

All you need to do is ring our office on 02 8084 6881 and we’ll arrange a time to meet you in your home with some shutter samples and we’ll quote you.  Or send us an email :  see contacts page.

Plantation Shutters are an investment in your home, and understandably  you will want to quickly assess  products and prices.  By offering a range of Plantation Shutters  in one home visit we can show you several choices ; including Australian Made Cedar and  ‘The Best Basswood Plantation Shutter on the Australian Market ” to us this is the “ultimate basswood shutter” , which has a sister product “Thermopoly”. One of our exceptional plantation shutters has a 5 year warranty on the paint finish.  Most Shutter Makers do no the include paint finish in the warranty. The manufacturer has a background in painting (coatings) and has researched, invested time and money with a focus on producing a their own paint finish. We believe this is the best paint finish aesthetically and practically on the Australian market.  The factory will give you a certificate of warranty for this shutter.

If you don’t want “the ultimate basswood shutter” and a more economical approach is your determining factor, we can accommodate that too,. You can still be confident the shutter will last and have a quality paint finish, and suitable hardware.

You can expect our manufacture times to be reliable and product quality to match our samples.  Our warranties are Factory Warranties and are all  major Australian importers and Australian Manufacturer “Open Shutters”. The Australian plantation shutter market is predominantly imported from Asia and of varying qualities.  Our manufacturers have been chosen during many years in the retail shutter industry for their performance consistency, quality and honesty.

Suitable for almost all windows and doors, skylights and as room dividers.  Plantation shutters can be installed to sliding door openings, bi- folding doors, round windows, arched windows, triangular windows to name a few.

Basic Options are :  Blade Size, Frame Size, Colour, Materials, Fame Style, Installation Method.. and more…  all unique to your home and your preferences… easily determined with our advice and dependent on your needs.

Predominant Types of Interior Plantation Shutters – all with excellent insulation properties.

Basswood Shutters   Pheonixwood aka Kirri Wood    Western Red Cedar  Fauxwood aka PVC Plantation Shutters or Polymer Shutters * suitable for wet areas

Types of Exterior Plantation Shutters

Aluminium Shutters, PVC Shutters, Western Red Cedar Shutters..



Polymer shutters have improved immensely since about 2009.  Some have metal inserts in the blades as standard to prevent blade warping.

ABS was one of the first on the Australian market.  Polymer coating over timber  (not craftwood which is MDF).  It is still available, but solid polymers are now improved and cheaper.  Polymers were sold with the concept than the polymer would expand and contract less than timber and therefore the paint would last longer.

Paint finishes vary from factory to factory and there are no statistics on paint longevity.  Paint life is an exclusion from most warranties, though usually not obvious to the consumer.

Polymer shutters are definitely valuable in wet areas..bathrooms, spas,  or for example over a kitchen sink where regular cleaning may be required.  Solvents can of course not be used for cleaning and blind or shutter product.