Timber and timber look alike Venetians

OPTIONS: Basswood , Pheonixwood, Western Red Cedar and timber look a likes
Hold down clips (at the bottom of the blind) are no longer standard on any venetians. Ask for them if you want them as the bottom rail is manufactured shorter and ready for the clip or with a component attached. Usually used when attaching blinds on to a door only.

Synthetic Venetians : PVC / Cyber / Micron wood /Fauxwood – Terms to describe non timber venetians ; have varying qualities, size of pelmet (aka fascia).. bottom rail stability, cord thickness, and warping resistance.

These are all polymers and the finish varies between brands. The bottom rail stability is relevant for wider blinds as it does not look good if it is bowing down in the middle.
Choice Blinds and Shutters have a very stable, quality product with a soft paint look finish in fashionable colours, with a standard turn around time, at a hard to beat price.
As we have many suppliers of these type products we can therefore match most existing products .. therefore you have the choice if our mainstay product does not suit you.

PROS: cheaper than timber venetians and blades do not have a paint finish to be damaged by moisture (leaving window open / bathrooms, etc)
CONS: These products are all heavier than timber so for larger blinds, especially on western facing unprotected windows are not recommended. Blades are not always as stable under extreme heat as timber. Except for micron wood.
Note: Any blind product placed for example: above a heater will have movement of the blades at different times. This is not a defect in the product.

Aluminium Venetians

Sleek 27mm – “slimline aluminium venetian” or 16mm and the classic 50mm.

The slimline is economical, generally practical and especially suitable for attaching to doors and fitting into narrow reveals. The 50mm is available with tape ladders , plastic ladders,or string ladders. Note: the cords do all the work.

Only quality : Our slimline blade thickness  2.1 and substantial components.  Buy Ausstralian or imported.

The night line version (the holes are offset)   The benefit is that light  isblocked from bursting thru the pull cord holes.

The Faber: a designer version of the slimline:   features a more attractive  curved headbox with all controls concealed in the bottom rail and in the headbox.