Product Range

Our products are designed to meet your expectations.  Our suppliers include the most reputable wholesale manufacturers in Australia and Asia, the UK and Germany.  Our products are backed by our knowledge of what is suitable for which purpose.  Our product CHOICE is constantly changing to include the latest in designs and manufacturing improvements.

In your home the  sales person will ask you what you have in mind, and then talk you through the practicality of your choice, and any other considerations that may assist, with the intention that you are informed and are able to make the right choice.  The right choice is the choice that will make you happy.

We do not employ any pushy sales tactics.

There are often options the customer is not aware of that can make the final installed product more suitable.  The D mold is an example of this ! Take a look in the photo gallery  and see what style looks best for you.  Note if you don’t like making decisions and think you will never be able to choose a fabric….we will help you.  With shutters most probably you’ll choose a shade of white !

If you don’t see what you are looking for here please call as only major items are on this site.