Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

FABRIC BLINDS:   roller blinds aka Holland blinds, Bonded rollers, Duo roller blinds aka Dual roller blinds,
Blockout/Blackout roller blinds, Sunscreen roller blinds, Transclucent / Light filter roller blinds.

WILSONS promotion October 2014 !   buy blinds and get towels for free  – contact in store for details

New fabrics available now !  October 2014…We ensure you have access to the most current trends in window furnishings at reasonable prices.  We  offer the best componentry, and fabrics without the designer price tag. Our  factory produces quality roller blinds and beautiful roman blinds and panel glides from a wide range of blind specific fabrics or you can provide your own fabric.  As window coverings are likely to be in place for 10 years or more, if you can afford to buy what you really like and if it is a practical choice you will appreciate your blinds for many years.

  • latest fabrics
  • choice of bottom trim styles
  • quality components and knowledge of what is required
  • fabrics suitable for large blinds to cover multiple folding and sliding doors
  • quality fitting service


Choose a one or two fabrics that you like from our blind range and go from there…Wilson, Shaw and Mermet all manufacture some fabrics in Australia. It will cost more to buy an Australian made product but there is definitely more choice and the fabrics are guaranteed a longer life.


Bonded BLINDS   – Bonded Roller Blinds    (this provides an option whereby you can supply the fabric and we “bond” the protective coating to the back) which gives body to the fabric and protects your fabric from the sun.  This means you can co ordinate, for example your kids cotton Barbie doona cover with their bedroom blind…    purchasing and additional Barbie doona cover to use one as the blind fabric.  Effective and easy to co ordinate.    From the street the view will be a white – or off white just as any blockout fabric would appear. Bonded blinds can have a protective “Scotchguard” type coating applied on request.